Roti Making Machine

The Chapati Making Machine have been designed and developed with combined experience and experiments of expert engineers and real users. The machine is semi-automatic, easy to operate, economical, and requires less maintenance. This machine meet up the requirement of various different segments that include Hostels, Large Industrial canteens, Base Kitchens, Nursing Homes, etc. where a large quantity of chapatis are required in very short time.

If you need any assistance then we are just a call away. Our company ensures timely maintenance of machine and availability of machine spare parts.

The quality of final product i.e. chapatis is hygienic and gives a typical homemade taste and texture. The Semi–Automatic Machine is capable of making approximately 1000 Chapatis per hour. The machine has a unique design and it pays for itself by saving on manpower and gas.

You just need to put dough ball under the given point in the machine. The machine presses the dough ball and gives it the shape of Chapati/ Roti. The Chapati is baked by the burners placed beneath and above the tava, making it puffed and soft.